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Jun 17—19 2022

(Not)Another Fine Fest

Featuring Alfresco Flicks (Movies Under Moonlight) 20 - 22 August, Ford Park - Limited Capacity
30th March 2021
Dave Crossley (Festival Director)

OK - so lots of folk are now asking about Fine Fest and it’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about lately - constantly trying to suss out the best way to go - so here’s the latest!

A stripped down but equally splendid affair!

Government road map confirmed that the end to legal limits on social contact will happen no earlier than 21 June. This means that we 100% cannot run Another Fine Fest as we know it on 19th & 20th June.

As we have seen repeatedly in the last year - timelines do drift. Despite the success of the NHS vaccine regime thus far - we are aware that things can change, though we do remain hopeful and we are absolutely gagging to see you.

A festival of this size, scope and variety takes a LONG time to plan, prepare, fundraise, promote, organise and make happen, especially with such a tiny team. I usually start work on the following year’s event not long after the previous one has ended. It is now unrealistic to try and organise something of the same large scale for this summer, even if we push the date back. Soooooooo...

We are gonna do things a little differently this year. A scaled down shindig on Ford Park, raising funds for St Mary's Hospice & Ulverston Food Waste Project

Alfresco Flicks is already in the calendar on 20 - 22 August so it makes perfect sense to join forces for a family friendly weekend of live music, film, comedy, theatre, art and more!

Entry would be via ticket only, enabling us to limit capacity and ensure that we are covid secure if we need to be, assuming that distancing could potentially be still in place.

Initially just one stage of activity would be programmed but as the unlocking evolves, and if the situation allows, we would add further areas & stages.

In turn, more tickets could be allocated and yous fine folks could roam freely & enjoy a variety of splendid sights, sounds and silliness around the park.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will be back with more info as soon as we are able but we hope that you like the plans so far! Please message us if you would like to be involved in any way, be that performing, helping, sponsoring, fundraising, volunteering etc etc etc. We would love to hear from you.

We really hope that you are all ok and have managed to stay safe, well and sane in what have been some pretty horrible circumstances - we want nothing more than to put a big fat smile back on your faces and help say goodbye to the dark times. We miss you so much!

PS... We still want to see the town centre vibrate and all the awesome venues bounce back from some of the toughest times ever, so we are also looking into doing something later in the year to get the pubs and cobbles rocking, once we know 100% that restrictions will not hold us back!

Big love y'all!


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