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Coronavirus Statement

Festival Coronavirus Statement

Firstly we want to send out massive massive love to everyone right now in these extremely crazy and unprecedented times, we hope you are all staying well physically and mentally and are looking out for one another. It is truly heartwarming to see the community come together in the way that it has with groups such as Self Isolation Ulverston springing up all over the country, ensuring that help is there for all who need it. We give our thanks and utmost respect to all on the frontline who are battling through the madness and urge you all to do all you can, to help where you can!

We’ve been watching the events unfold over the last few weeks, with growing concern and sadness, but all the while grasping onto some hope that this would all blow over. Obviously as it stands, this does not seem likely in the foreseeable future. We are devastated, but feel that we are unable to continue with the festival as planned.

Even if restrictions have been lifted by June , the uncertainty is making the run up pretty much an impossibility. We’ve already spent many months working on AFF2020 and right now is usually one of our busiest times of the year, organising all of the very many elements which make up the festival, not least of which is booking the infrastructure and paying multiple deposits which we simply can’t afford to lose as insurance will not cover us.  

It is also around this time that we ask for support via sponsorship, advertising & crowdfunding, vital income streams that allow us to host our event, but asking you, our wonderful supporters for cash right now feels entirely inappropriate when so many of us are understandably worried about our financial futures.

We feel awful for St Mary’s & MIND, two wonderful charities that we support through our fest. All charities will be struggling right now with the cancellation of events, and we urge you to keep on supporting them if you are able. We also really feel for all the amazing acts, artists, partner venues, promoters, traders & providers, the soul of our event, the last thing we want to do is to add to their list of cancellations, knowing personally how difficult things are going to be for all of us who've seen our only sources of income as well as all of our creative outlets disappear overnight.

So we want to offer some hope. We will be back. In what form or when is yet to be decided, it is simply too early to make new plans but watch this space. We may even organise a series of events to make up for this, we’re sure there’ll be appetite for more than one shindig once we’re released from the lockdown!  

But party we will, celebrate we will, come together as a community bigger and better than ever we will - it is guaranteed, and we truly cannot wait to melt this social isolation, to stand beside you, to come together as one, to laugh and sing songs, and be closer and stronger than we have ever been before.

Sending love to you all - look after each other yea - we'll see you soon xx

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